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(In no particular order)

Opening Credits and Teaser.

It's a Funny Feeling. Hieronymus & Anna celebrate their newfound love. 

Magic. After abandoning his imagination, Anna awakens
Hieronymus from his doldrums so that they can rescue Sophie.

The Creature's Waltz. Hieronymus holds a party for all his imaginary friends.

The Blizzard. Anna is caught in a blizzard, unknowingly caused
by Hieronymus during a furious session of painting.


Imagination - Reprise. After Anna discovers the creatures,
Hieronymus teaches her the power of her own imagination.

What About. Anna is frustrated as she is left to do
most of the work at Hieronymus' party for his creatures.

Yo Ho.
Sophie has been rescued and the group skips happily home.

End Credits.

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